Men’s Grooming

Skincare & Cosmetics
Branding, Art Direction & Packaging

The North Sea is known for its wild and untamed spirit and great power hidden beneath a brooding surface. Norden, a men's skincare subscription, was inspired by this rough and resilient sea.

Norden clients carve destiny in patient but uncompromising ways. They are not looking for quick rewards, but know that all worthwhile things take time – just like rocks being smoothed by the ocean.

Created with natural and organic ingredients from the area around the North Sea (kelp, herb, and rich minerals), the products come bottled in recycled ocean plastic packaging.

The custom wordmark is based on lettering in the De Ijzerstaven, an old iron factory in Holland.

Developed directly with client.
Writer: Melissa St-Michael Beaupré.

Behance: Feature
2018 CreativePool Shortlist: Packaging