Internet of Things (IoT)
Branding, Art Direction & Packaging

It's easy to feel powerless in the face of big problems like air pollution. As China and India's #1 air quality monitor, Kaiterra knew this problem intimately. Kaiterra needed to challenge the status quo, empower users, and inspire grassroots discussions about air.

With people exhausted by visions of doom and statistics of gloom, the brand engages users emotionally instead of factually. A big part of this is a no-infographics approach. Bold statements and visual metaphors keep a large problem accessible. To do this, we developed a brand language inspired by editorial masters of the New York Times and New Yorker, who use a variety of illustrators and illustrations to humanize complex issues. 

For major campaigns and emotions-led provocations, Kaiterra now works in visual metaphors for even larger impact. Colours and type give cohesion; a changing cast of illustrators adds constant new energy and intelligence.

Developed directly with client.
Strategy: Kyle Fiore
Writer: Siobhan Dempsey.
Illustrators: Cam Chalmers, Brunna Mancuso and Natasha Dzhola

Featured: Behance