Honey of the Messestadt

Honey Packaging

In 1992, visionary planners transformed an abandoned Munich airport into an “eco-utopian” community. Concrete runways were replaced with tree-lined bike paths. Today, residents of this car-less district invest in projects that directly benefit the community.

With only 30 jars of this special honey made each year, it was critical to bring the story of this special community to life in the packaging. The tree-lined bike paths that connect the community are entirely unique to the Messestadt area, and a source of pride for those who live there. It seemed only natural, then, to hearken back to those long, thin lines of one-time runways and taxiways to create the label and supporting brand identity.

Direct work with client.
Writer: Jason Thomas

2018 A' Design Award Silver: Packaging
2015 Graphis Annual Silver: Packaging