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Raise your hand if you believe in oil and gas developed the Canadian way.


To respectfully borrow some of your own words, the role of our work for CAPP was to “galvanize a big tent of “ordinary” Canadians to raise their hands—and voices—if they believed that oil and gas developed the Canadian way is better for Canada and the planet.

Our work was designed to help Canadians take action and oppose the agenda of powerful foreign oil interests who do not want the world to buy energy from Canada, the country with the strictest environmental and regulatory policies for oil development.

Put simply, we believe the word Canadian is an adjective with the power to modify the word energy in a positive way. We believe this passionately. After 5 years of work an October 18th , 2019 Angus Reid poll revealed that over 70% Canadians support building pipelines to use Oil Sands energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to keep our economy moving.